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Dealing with uncertainty
The acquisition presented Titan Capital (TC) with a multifaceted challenge. This industrial estate, occupied by multiple tenants, posed many hurdles, amplified by inflationary pressure from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), which raised the cash rate and heightened uncertainty in the leasing market. Additionally, settlement was required by a strict deadline due to a Development Application (DA) lodged for a new development, anticipated to be approved in February.

Finally, an inflated contract price, ageing infrastructure, and the necessity for vacant possession by March 31, 2024, further compounded the situation. However, the team at Titan Capital engineered a solution addressing all these challenges while ensuring adherence to deadlines and more importantly, financial viability.
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Finding innovation
Innovative thinking was key to overcoming the valuation setback. Our credit team employed tranche financing, restructuring the loan into tranches A, B, and C, effectively mitigating valuation constraints while maintaining a high LVR. This approach enabled the borrower to reach the intended loan amount despite initial limitations. This flexibility adjusted the LVR policy for land from 50% to an exceptional 65%, supported by additional guarantors, demonstrating a unique persistence not only for the client but for the many other third-party members and teams involved.
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Timely Execution
Remaining consistent and professional in their commitment to a timely settlement, the team at Titan Capital works with new clients every day and has a full comprehension of the consequences of transaction delays. Prioritising timely execution alleviates the stress brokers face in meeting client expectations and transaction deadlines, ultimately benefiting the client by facilitating a smooth and efficient financing process. Despite other lenders opting out, Titan Capital successfully achieved settlement before the deadline, showcasing their ability to engineer unique solutions for unique problems.
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Loan amount
Fast loan solutions with Titan Capital.
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Loan-to-value ratio
This case study features a complex commercial loan, reaching a LVR of 65%, far exceeding the standard land LVR rate of 50%.
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Settlement period
With a development application recently submitted and expected to receive approval in under 6 weeks, Titan Capital met the challenge, delivering a tailored financing solution without causing any delays.
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Average Interest rate
A creative approach resulted in the use of three different interest rates for tranches A, B, and C. This was critical for maintaining a high LVR.
Patrick K.
• 29/09/2023
“If you’re looking for excellent support, competitive rates, and a streamlined process, Titan Capital is a great pick, I couldn’t recommend them enough” 
“If you’re looking for excellent support, competitive rates, and a streamlined process, Titan Capital is a great pick, I couldn’t recommend them enough” 
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