A business was forced into administration
There were few businesses that faced greater disruption than those in the aerospace industry during COVID-19. Locked-down people weren’t flying and consequently both domestic and international travel ground to a halt.

For many businesses, the equation was simple: find financing, or face closure.

Not only did this mean that business slowed drastically, but as one startup in the aerospace sector discovered, it impacted on their business in other, unprecedented ways; it was suddenly incredibly difficult to secure that life-saving financing.

“We really were the last hope for this business,” Titan Capital’s relationship manager said. “The broker came to us to say that that their client’s business was facing closure, and we were the last throw of the dice. However, part of the reason that they were finding it so hard to find finance is that there were challenging roadblocks that needed to be overcome to be able to even approve a loan.”

The broker and their client needed an innovative, alternative provider that was willing to really fight to support them and find creative solutions to work around the roadblocks.

Making the solution closer to home
As the director of this company was stuck overseas because of the pandemic, financial regulations meant that the embassy needed to witness and validate the loan documents before they could be approved.

This was a problem, since lockdowns meant that the embassy was closed. Physically standing in front of someone to have them witness the documents was an impossibility.

Because of this, traditional lenders were never going to progress the loan application. Titan Capital, however, is not a traditional lender and its business priority is to bring genuine expertise and personal service to every customer. Thanks to that combination of exceptional customer service and the ability to think innovatively and move quickly, Titan Capital found a solution.

Titan Capital was able to organise and use video conferencing as an alternative to meeting in-person to witness papers from any location in the world. This was only possible thanks to the innovative work of Titan Capital’s expert legal team, who found a solution that eliminated the need for an Australian solicitor to visit a client outside of Australia personally.
The liquidation was prevented
The value of the loan was $1.6 million, but the true value of what Titan Capital delivered was the speed and effectiveness.

None of this was easy or straightforward. While COVID-19 demanded that people distance themselves and stay in their homes, the regulatory environment was not able to move quickly enough to enable critical functions to continue as normal.

Consequently, major lenders, who are transactional in their approach, simply denied finance applications. It was all too hard.

Nothing is too difficult for Titan Capital. Thanks to this innovative virtual meeting and document witnessing, as well as the benefits of electronic transmission of the documents, Titan Capital were able to deliver the funding to the client in time to save their business.

Now, as travel is starting to pick up again, the client is in a healthy and stable financial position, and ready to accelerate and grow their aerospace business once more.
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Loan amount

The true value of the loan was Titan Capital’s flexibility.

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Loan-to-value ratio
The Titan Capital team found a solution to overcome the international restrictions that COVID-19 imposed because of their utilisation of inventive approaches.
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Interest rate
With the broker’s help, Titan Capital was quick to respond to the borrower’s shifting circumstances and put in a lot of effort to assist them to secure funding.
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Settlement period
The borrower successfully brought their business back from the brink. The Titan Capital team and broker’s hard efforts achieved an effective result that ensured the borrower’s needs were met.
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