Two deals, one purpose- Equity release

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Amid urgency and high stakes, Titan Capital was able to embrace a difficult challenge. A brother and sister sought a joint loan of $6.5 million for their dream investment property, presenting an opportunity to combine transactions. With time ticking and penalties looming, the legal team needed to swiftly devise innovative plans to seamlessly merge the agreements. Furthermore, the borrowers faced heavy penalties if the property wasn’t secured by the end of January. Titan capital takes pride in taking on these challenges despite the added risk that can be often seen in multi-faceted settlements.


Our experienced and practiced legal team rose to the demanding two-week deadline, employing creative cross-collateralization techniques to expedite the process. Fortunately, Titan Capital was able to exceed the borrowers expectations and quickly delivered the necessary documentation. Despite the complexity and time constraints, the combined efforts of Titan Capital’s credit and legal teams worked to find an innovative solution and maintained constant communication with the client.


Once the documentation was reviewed the borrowers were immediately informed, a day later Titan Capital was able to move to the next stage of the settlement. In only two weeks, the clients secured the $6.5 million dollar loan and acquired the sought after property, avoiding the fines in the process. The legal team has faced countless scenarios in which innovation, communication and efficiency were required and it’s through these avenues, Titan Capital has maintained an excellent reputation among its clients.
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Loan Amount
For an equity release of $6.5 million to finance an investment property, Our Titans had to deal with a very unique scenario
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Settlement period
To avoid the expensive penalty that the borrowers would have to pay if the property wasn’t acquired before the end of January, the deals had to be completed simultaneously and in less than two weeks.
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